Decker Lake (Walter E Long) Frog Fishing

Fishing frogs for bass.

Our favorite lake and the best way to fish it.

Decker Lake is a great frog lake. The best time to fish it is in mid-summer and in the middle of the day. Throw hollow-body frogs.

The hotter and the calmer it is outside, the better the frog fishing.

Other times of the year, early or late is better.

Be sure to check out the frog modification video in another post.

Spinning Reel Product Review

How do you choose a spinning reel? Some of the things I like are looks, number of bearings, how smooth it feels when you turn the handle and of course, price. For my needs, I don't think I need to spend more than $100.

Take a look at the this new reel. The company is Piscifun. The model is Honor 2000.

Honor Spinning Reel and Saex Elite casting reel

Piscifun Honor 2000 Matches Kistler Zbone Rod
and the reel comes with a nice cover

Here are the specs:

  • Graphite body
  • 10 + 1 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings and Roller Bearing
  • One-way clutch
  • Sealed carbon drag
  • Patented spool design
  • Machined stainless steel gear shaft
  • S-shape slider so lines lays smoothly
  • Direct handle into main gear
  • Gear ratio 5.1:1
  • 7lb. mono capacity—160 yards
  • Weight: 8.5 oz.
  • 24.2 in. line take up per turn 

First impressions:

This reel looks really sharp! It matches my Kistler Zbone Rod really well. The reel turns so smoothly. I put a small drop of oil on the shaft. Put it on a Kistler Spinning Rod and took it fishing. I wish I could say I caught a lot of fish on it, but only caught a couple on a tough day of fishing.

I loaded it with 14-pound Nanofil. I used an eighth-ounce Charlie Brewer Slider head and a 4-inch Berkley Powerbait Worm. I was was surprised how far I could cast with the reel/rod and line combo.

Would I buy another? Yes, most definitely.

You can find these reels on Amazon.

The Best Crankbait Storage Option. Carry More Baits and Not Get'em Tangled.

Managing Crankbaits Just Became Easier

One of the things I dislike about using crankbaits
 is how to manage all of those hooks.
It seems I spent more time untangling baits, than fishing.
Until now.

I've tried so many crankbait boxes.
The dedicated crankbait boxes work OK
for separating some of the baits,
but even then the hooks go under the slats
and so it's hard to just grab one and go.
I've tried boxes where you put one bait per slot.
No good. It takes too much space
in the boat to carry so many boxes.

Individual baits stored in a plastic box are easy to get to,
but then you have to carry so many plastic storage boxes.

Big crankbaits are a real pain to deal with.
It gets even worse for big cranks. 
This box takes up so much space.
So it was back to trying
to use the dedicated crankbait boxes.

I bought a bunch of hook bonnets,
but they too had disappointing results.

Another method I tried was using hook bonnets.
As you can see below, they solve part of the problem,
but not the space issue.

And baits with hook bonnets
need more space than without.

Previously, I bought quite a few specialty
crankbait boxes. That helped,
but I still had to carry
way more boxes than I wanted.

Some of you may remember these crankbait storage boxes.
The idea never really took off.
Then I saw a video online about
how someone had put a bunch
of small cranks in a little round container.
I didn't care for the container,
but the elastic band was a brilliant idea.
So, I borrowed the idea and made my own modifications.

Wrapping the hooks
made the baits much more compact.

As you can see,
when you wrap an elastic band
around the hooks, they won't tangle.

Adding elastic bands around the hook
and securing to the bait body
made the crankbaits easier to get out
of the storage box.

But they still take up too much space.
Then it hit me —
the elastic bands do a great job
of keeping the hooks from tangling —
so I don't need all those slots.

I took the dividers out of the
special crankbait boxes.
Rather than go buy more boxes that don't have dividers, 
I removed the slats from all of the crankbait boxes I had.

It was easy to remove the slotted base
of the crankbait box.
I went to the local supermarket and
bought large bags of sturdy elastics.

I wrapped all of my unpackaged crankbaits in very little time.

I was amazed at how many baits fit in a box,
once the hooks are wrapped up.

I sort the baits by size and diving depth per box.
I mix some of the brands because I can see exactly what
I need with out any effort.

You can sort the baits by brand or size. I sort by size mostly.

crankbaits in storage box
Here are some of the boxes full of crankbaits.
It works for stick baits as well as top water and lipless baits.

Here are some of the boxes stacked up on my work table.

Now, I buy single-tray boxes only for all of my hard baits.
Crankbaits, jerkbaits, topwater poppers, floating Rapalas, etc.
are all stored this way. I can carry a lot of baits in not much space in the boat.

Thank you for reading.

If you are looking for good deals on some of these products and more,
you can follow the links below to eBay,
Amazon and one of my favorite tackle outlets, Monster Tackle.


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Canyon Lake, Texas — Brush Piles

TPWD and partners maintain a series of brush piles on Canyon Lake, Texas.

The brush piles are updated annually (for the most part),
especially on the lower half of the lake (nearer the dam).

Here are the GPS coordinates.

Canyon Reservoir Fish Attractor Project
Updated April 26, 2016

Site # Lat/Long Attractor Description Installed Last Supplemented
1 N 29o51.697' Mouth of Turkey Cove on east main lake point along river channel drop.

W -98o13.027'

2005 2014
2 N 29o51.597' In Turkey Cove on rocky bald Y-point splitting cove.

W -98o13.190'

2005 2014
3 N 29o53.707' Along Jacobs Creek channel drop off. 

W -98o12.911'

2005 2016
4 N 29o51.096' Along creek channel drop in small cove uplake from dam.

W -98o12.693'

2005 2014
5 N 29o51.676' Bald secondary point on North side of Turkey Cove east of ramp.

W -98o13.394'

2005 2013
6 N 29o53.918' West side of long rocky point between Cranes Mill and Potters Creek along river channel drop. 

W -98o16.949'

2005 2015
7 N 29o53.979' West side of long rocky point between Cranes Mill and Potters Creek along river channel drop. 

W -98o16.994'

2005 2016
8 N 29o54.554' On main point splitting north side cove along deep ledge.

W -98o17.814'

2005 2013
9 N 29o54.467' Main lake point up-river from water pipeline along deep river channel drop.

W -98o17.361'

2005 2013
10 N 29o54.118' End of bald clay point at Potter's Creek Park near river channel drop.

W -98o16.157'

2005 2015
11 N 29o53.492' Cranes Mill fishing pier. Along North edge of pier and in middle pier hole.

W -98o17.690'

2005 2013
12 N 29o53.343' Ledge along steep bank near point.

W -98o15.866'

2005 2015
13 N 29o53.698' Ledge on rocky bank along east side of Canyon Park in ramp cove.

W -98o13.840'

2005 2014
14 N 29o53.756' Ledge on rocky bank along east side of Canyon Park in ramp cove.

W -98o13.839'

2005 2014
15 N 29o54.539' End of extended point west of Canyon Park area near drop off.

W -98o14.247'

2005 2015
16 N 29o51.530' On southeast side of Comal Park cove along creek channel drop. 

W -98o14.722'

2005 2014
17 N 29o52.762' End of west Jacobs Creek main lake point.

W -98o13.514'

2005 2015
18 N 29o52.669' End of east Jacobs Creek main lake point.

W -98o13.467'

2005 2015
19 N 29o52.181' East side of North Park main lake point.

W -98o12.362'

2007 2015
20 N 29o51.913' Along drop off on North Park extended main lake point.

W -98o12.422'

2007 2013
21 N 29o51.835' Southeast corner of dam.

W -98o11.844'

2007 2015
22 N 29o52.419' Northeast corner of dam.

W -98o11.994'

2007 2015
23 N 29o52.301' On the end of island/hump marked with buoy.

W -98o13.973'

2007 2014
24 N 29o51.642' Along creek channel near Comal Park.

W -98o14.892'

2007 2015
25 N 29o52.608' East side of Jacobs Creek main lake point.

W -98o13.269'

2007 2013
26 N 29o52.538' On the end of point northeast of Tom Creek boat ramp.

W -98o15.475'

2007 2016
27 N 29o54.033' Along ledge on east side of Potters Creek Park.

W -98o15.873'

2007 2014
28 N 29o54.246' Along ledge between Cranes Mill Park and water pipelines.

W -98o17.323'

2007 2016
29 N 29o54.150' On point south of Potters Creek West boat ramp.

W -98o16.668'

2007 2016
30 N 29o53.392' On Canyon Park main lake point.

W -98o14.405'

2007 2013
31 N 29o54.571' End of extended point west of Canyon Park area near drop off.

W -98o14.239'

2007 2016
32 N 29o54.416' Along creek channel northwest of island across from Canyon Lake marina.

W -98o15.077'

2007 2016
33 N 29o54.754' On submerged Cranes Mill Road Bed, south of County Ramp 23.

W -98o17.483'

2008 2016
34 N 29o53.496' Near Cranes Mill Park, north of marina.

W -98o17.268'

2008 2013
35 N 29o54.079' Off east side of point, on opposite side of cove from Potters Creek ramp.

W -98o16.844'

2008 2013
36 N 29o54.442' Hump near river channel, south of Mystic Shores.

W -98o17.619'

2009 2016
37 N 29o53.974' River channel edge, east of Potters Creek.

W -98o15.828'

2009 2016
38 N 29o53.334' Flat point near river channel ledge.

W -98o15.211'

2009 2016
39 N 29o53.768' Hump North of Cranes Mill Marina.

W -98o17.171'

2010 2016
40 N 29o51.619' Creek channel bend near Comal Park.

W -98o14.837'

2010 2014
41 N 29o53.794' Hump on end of point near Canyon Park boat ramps.

W -98o13.711'

2010 2013
42 N 29o53.648' On big point in Jacobs Creek splitting arms

W -98o13.278'

2011 2014
43 N 29o51.968' Near drop off on extended main lake point near North Park.

W -98o12.413'


GPS coordinates are in degree decimal minutes.

Sites 1 through 15 include artificial fish attractors.

Some sites have been removed/renumbered from previous years.

Check out this time-lapse video.

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