Top 3 Black Friday Ideas

Tackle Junkies Love Black Friday

This is a great time of year to find great deals on new tackle or replacing lost tackle.
picture of fishing reels
New fishing reels on sale for Black Friday

And frankly, some stuff just wears out and needs to be replaced. Here are some deals I like.

Idea one. Get a great rod.

My favorite rod brand is Kistler Rods.

Here is another tip: go to the Kistler website and sign up for the email list so you get notified when new sales come around.

If your family is looking for ideas to get you for Christmas gifts, suggest they buy you a new Z-bone rod.

Idea two.

Everyone needs more tackle. If you are looking for general tackle sales, check out Monster Tackle (Outdoor Pro Shop).

I have bought a lot of tackle from Monster Tackle and they are easy to work with. Plus, some of their non-sale prices throughout the year are less than many other online stores.

Idea three. Get new reels at a good price.

Here's a bonus tip:

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