When to buy my new bass boat, that is the question

I looked at a Phoenix bass boat for sale (actually someone did for me because it is a long way from my home). It is an 09 someone is selling and it is in mint condition. Although I would be happy with a number of bass boats, I like the depth and style of the 21' Phoenix. Some boats are a little too deep inside for my taste.

One of the draw backs to buying a used boat is financing. My credit union offers 144 months on new boats but only 84 months on used. And the interest rate is a little higher on used. Now if I was independently wealthy, it would not be an issue. Unfortunately I'm not. I need the longer payment to keep the payment in my budget so I still have money to buy gas to use it — especially in the first couple of years as I pay off my truck. Once that is done, I can accelerate the payments to get it paid off before I retire.

The one for sale will become available later this fall. But I am facing 2 surgeries this fall so I'm not ready to use the boat until ... maybe January 2010. And my previous surgeries and complications took most of the down payment I had been saving. I need a little time to save again.

I feel nearly 100 % after my surgeries in April and May so I want to go fishing badly, but I still am taking medications that could cause me harm if I had a mishap in the boat (blood thinners). Can you say, hook in finger or arm — I know, not likely, but I have had it happen 5 times in my lifetime. Worse, I have a hole in my skull where the brain surgery was and so if I fell or slipped in the boat it could be dangerous. One of the surgeries (maybe in Nov.) is to put a plate in my skull.

Anyway, enough rambling. Hey if you are in Conroe TX area in Oct. check out the Toyota Texas Bass Classic. I went to the previous two tournaments, but I might not make it this year. Too bad. It's fun and an unique format.

Now that I feel better, I'll try to dig up new info to post here.

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