Simple Explanation of Fishing a Drop-shot Rig

 Sometimes you have to slow down and finesse fish.

A drop-shot rig is a popular technique for bass fishing, especially for targeting fish in deep water. Here's how to rig and fish a drop-shot rig:

 Start by tying a hook to the line about 18 inches above the sinker. The hook should be facing upwards. A Palomar knot is a good knot to use. Once the knot is tied (with 18" or more of a tag end, run the line back through the hook eye, which helps keep the hook point facing up.

The bait is 18-24- inches above the weight.

Next, attaching a sinker to the end of your fishing line. This will be the weight that takes the bait down to the desired depth. Some weights are designed specifically for drop-shotting.

Now you can add your bait to the hook. Live worms, soft plastic baits, or small crayfish are all good options.


In open water, you can use an open-hook set up.

There are weights designed especially for drop shots.
Notice how the line attached to the weight.

 Once your rig is set up, cast it out and let the sinker take the bait down to the desired depth.

Once the bait is at the desired depth, slowly retrieve the line, making sure to keep the bait near the bottom. The key to drop-shotting is to keep the bait in the fish's face.

Pay attention to your line, and when you feel a fish biting, set the hook by quickly reeling in the slack and pulling back on the rod.

Once you have a fish on the line, reel it in carefully, making sure not to let it get too close to any structure that could break the line.

 Repeat the process until you have caught all the fish you want, or the bite slows down.

 Remember, you can adjust the depth of your bait by changing the size of the sinker and the length of the leader.

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