Bass Boat Woes—Always Something

BOAT= Break Out Another Thousand. So it seems.

Well, Saturday I changed out the starting battery on my boat and then hooked up the charger to make sure it was fully charged. When I went back out the power pole was down. And there was hydraulic fluid all over in the battery compartment.

I taped up the pole so it stayed in the upright position and went fishing. I was hoping to take advantage of the super moon.

Unfortunately, we had heavy cloud cover so the moon was hidden. We fished to a little before midnight.

We only caught a few so it was not what I'd hoped for.

Monday night after work I looked at the hydraulic hoses on the power pole. I found a big hole in one of the lines.

I need to replace the line. Did you know the fluid they use is biodegradable? That's cool. But it's also the same viscosity as transmission fluid. If you ever are in a pinch and need fluid for your power pole, keep this in mind.

Update: I finally figured out why the hydraulic hoses kept bursting. The hose came out from under the rub rail cap, which kinked them. So, under the higher pressure, the hoses weren't holding up. I relocated the hoses and have had no problems since.


Unknown said…
This is a great brand! I found some more information on this website:

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