Nitro Bass Boats

I have been running behind in my quest to buy a new boat. No excuses, but things are starting to shape up now. I have some appointments set up to demo some boats starting with a Nitro Z9. I am still working on setting up other demos but I have to squeeze in some real work too.

In my homework, I've pretty much settled on a 20 or 21 footer. Not all boats are created equal as we all know. Some 21s are way too big and some 20s are too small. Ride is so important but even more important to me is fishability.

I hadn't considered a Nitro until I looked at one at the San Antonio boat show. They sure seem far more improved from a few years ago. I am even considering the center console bass boat, which I will be riding in this next week at Lake Fork.

Remember the center console Skeeter? I thought it looked ... well, not exactly my favorite look. However, as I thought about it, and I said last time, I hate stepping on rods while fishing. I like to get right up against the gunwale so my rods are always under foot.

What would happen if the rods were down the center of the front deck and the sides were kept clear? That has some merit. I like the idea of the anglers each getting out from the consoles going in opposite directions. In most boats, one guy has to wait a second for the other guy to move to get out of or in the seats. Not an issue in a center console boat!

Hey, it might lead to one or two extra casts at every stop. Casts = Fish.

After I ride the Nitro this week I'll make a full report. Today is Saturday and I leave for Lake Fork on Tuesday, ride in the Nitro Wednesday. Then on Thursday I have to set an exhibit space at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic tournament. I'll be working the show Friday through Sunday and come home Monday.

Then I leave on Wed. for Corpus Christi Texas to set up an exhibit space at an on the water boat show. That will be fun!



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